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Puglia: one of the "15 Places To Go Before They Get Famous"

Posted on 30/05/2014 by Antonella Susca in Puglia Huffington Post International Press

The Huffington Post, the popular American online newspaper, has classified the Puglia region among the "15 Places to go before they get Famous"!

15 Places To Go Before They Get Famous

The Huffington Post  | By Suzy Strutner
Date of article  05/15/2014

It's easy to see why modern travelers feel so burnt out: our globalized world is littered with tourist traps, letdowns, overrated destinations and just plain crowds.
But what if you could get out ahead of the curve and visit a place BEFORE it started swarming with other humans? Visit these rising stars now, and one day you'll proudly say, "I knew them when..."

These are the 15 places to go before they get famous:

•    José Ignacio, Uruguay
•    Koh Rong, Cambodia
•    Sofia, Bulgaria
•    Ambergris Caye, Belize
•    Myanmar
•    Roatán, Honduras
•    Riga, Latvia
•    Puglia, Italy
•    Zambia and Zimbabwe
•    York, United Kingdom
•    Busan, South Korea
•    Manila, Philippines
•    Phu Quoc, Vietnam
•    Kep, Cambodia
•    The Salinas Grandes, Argentina

Puglia, Italy

With foodie travel on the rise, Puglia ("Apulia" to the English-speaking set) is going to become a household name. In the heel of Italy's boot, the Mediterranean diet takes one of its purest and most delicious forms: food (think olive oil, artichokes, and salami) is locally sourced, restaurants are quaint yet high-quality, and you can sleep in a converted farmhouse... did we mention most of this happens beachside?