Welcome to Puglia… the Region of the Italian Mediterranean Lifestyle!

Nature, art, history, ancient traditions, enchanting landscapes, mild climate, excellent food and proverbial hospitality of its land are the qualities of Puglia!

Tourists usually visit only the most famous Italian cities like Rome, Venice and Florence but there are so many places in Italy less known but rich in art and enchanting landscapes. One of them is Puglia: the hidden treasure of Italy.

Puglia the heel of Italy…is located  in the Southeastern Italy.

It is fast becoming Italy’s new hot destination for people who would like to taste  the Mediterranean lifestyle. Its mild climate, enchanting landscape and healthy diet are exceptionally attractive.  Puglia is becoming increasingly popular as travelers discover the area's varied charms: the best examples of Baroque architecture in Italy, mysterious caves and monuments and a landscape dotted with conical-roofed houses called Trulli. Fascinating cities steeped in history, olive groves and orchards, relaxation and pleasure vacations,  a blue sea and  beautiful beaches, with plenty of sunshine and excellent cuisine and wine.

For these reasons Puglia is  the undiscovered Italy!


Do you know that Puglia produces more than 75 percent of grapes in Italy?

Apulian wine was already present on the tables of ancient Rome, its aroma, flavor and color described by Latin writers. Italian wine production can be traced back to ancient times and the Puglia region produces more wine than almost any other part of Italy, in fact considering this high production, Puglia is called “cellar of Europe”. 

Apulian producers  are very careful on the product quality, so they have a lot of DOC wines (Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed). Puglia is rich of autochthonous grapes having great potentials and has various wine producing areas, each one offering different types of wine like: Red Wine - Primitivo, Negroamaro, Nero di Troia, Moscato di Trani and Aleatico; White Wine - Verdeca, Malvasia and white Bombino.Naturally, to these varieties should be added the so-called "international", those imported from other wine-growing areas, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, that also in Puglia they are able to express themselves well.

Puglia and its World Heritage sites

Italy is the country with the highest number of sites included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Puglia has three of these:

the mysterious Castel del  Monte, commissioned by Frederick II and presumably completed around 1240. The octagonal shape on which the entire building is structured on one side represents a rigorous architectural design, while on the other recalls rather symbolic aspects (probably) that make a visit to the castle even more interesting;

the enchanting Trulli of Alberobello, white dry-stone houses with conical roofs made of lapidary stones. Found nowhere else in the world, these whitewashed limestone structures are pieced together without mortar, their pointed fieldstone roofs painted with primitive Christian and pagan symbols. These unusual dome-shaped buildings dot the Apulian countryside, but it is in the enchanting city of Alberobello that you find the largest concentration of these mysterious dwellings known as Trulli;

the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo that is an important point of reference for the whole Christian world; in fact it has always been a destination for millions of pilgrims who named it the “door to the sky”. The basilica is unique in its genre because it is completely built inside the natural cave where the Archangel Michael appeared to the Bishop of Sipontum in A.D. 490 and promised, “Where the rocks open widely, the sins of men may be pardoned.” It is said that Michael left an altar, a red cloth, and his footprint in stone to mark the spot.

Beautiful beaches ideal for your relaxation!

Puglia has an extremely long coastline that stretches for 800 kilometers, in fact, there is no other region in mainland Italy with a coast this long!

Let us to take you to discover the Apulian coast with its variety of landscapes.

You can choose the long stretches of white cliffs and pebbles in the Gargano, or the stretches of rocky shore of rare beauty with suggestive sea caves along the coast from Bari to Lecce, where you can find beautiful bays of crystal-clear sea surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. Or the wide expanses of sandy beaches with dunes of fine white sand and pristine pine forests along the coast of Salento.


Puglia…a land known for its “ food culture ” based on the Mediterranean diet

Apulian cooking mirrors a country’s society. The humble food in Puglia, often referred to as “cucina povera” (poor cuisine) is celebrated as one of the best examples of the healthy Mediterranean Diet. Three things are essential to this type of cooking: wheat, vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil. 

Many dishes are prepared with simple products, those of this land: durum wheat, tomatoes, vegetables, cereals, olive oil, and wine. In the past, there were considered poor dishes, but today they are a treasure of taste and wellness, able to conquer the most sophisticated gourmand.

Apulian food is authentic and surprising because it’s still based on recipes that haven’t changed in many generations!



With more than 300 days of sun a year, excellent food, intense wines and extra virgin olive oils, ancient churches and castles, beautiful sea and landscapes, Puglia will give you an unforgettable holiday!