Ron & Jan, USA  -  October 2018   

Jan and I certainly enjoyed our time with you two. Your new car was most comfortable. The B&B was centrally located and a great place to stay. The venues that we visited were very enjoyable and educational.  You did a great job of arranging and transporting us!

Federico & Kay, Sydney - AUS  -  June 2018   

We spent a wonderful week with Antonella and Sandro, exploring their delightful home province.  They shared with us their in depth knowledge and love of Puglia, they were always professional, thoughtful and courteous.  Can’t recommend Arrivederci Puglia highly enough.  It’s a wonderful part of Italy, previously unknown to us, we are so happy to have visited!

Harvey & Deborah, Hamilton - USA  -  April 2018   

Sandro and Antonella made all our wishes come true! What a magical experience. Authentic, fresh cuisine. Wonderful historical sites. The B&B hotel was perfect in every way. They showed us the beauty of Puglia. We cannot wait to return!

Dianne & Lou, Boston MA - USA  -  October 2017   

We are leaving Puglia with an understanding of the history and an appreciation for the beauty and culture of this part of Italy. Our trip was busy but with a pace so we never felt rushed. The care taken to be sure each lunch experience was true to the region visiting was appreciated by the 5 of us. We loved this trip and encourage anyone visiting Puglia to use Arrivederci Puglia Travel. They are a joy to spend time with and become family.

Linda & Ronnie, Reading MA - USA  -  October 2017   

Our experience was beyond our expectations. Antonella’s knowledge of the history, food and wine for the area we were in was outstanding. She made us feel like family. Lunches were a 2 hour experience. Just loved it all. Would do it again!

Nancy, Reading MA - USA  -  October 2017   

Young, professional family-owned travel company who’s passion for their Puglia culture, history and food shines through and made our trip experience so very special. Attention to detail every day was outstanding. Lunches were extraordinary events this was a one of a kind experience and will never forget. Thank you Arrivederci Puglia Travel and hope to return!

Lisa, Wellington - NEW ZELAND  -  September 2017   

My overall experience had many peaks and a few troughs. Highlights for me were the visit to the local farm in the Apulian countryside, the old Masseria of 1600, Polignano a Mare, the Trulli of Alberobello and the great food and wine! The "troughs" were when we had some full day trips and the heat made them tiring.

Gabriella, Salisbury - UK  -  September 2017   

Loved it! Fabulous staff with great knowledge. I feel now I know a lot more about this fantastic Italian region: Puglia!

George & Elizabeth, New Orleans LA - USA  -  September 2017   

Wonderful! Place was good. We particularly liked the simple, out of the way cities that we never would have gone to on our own.

Kelly, Wollongong - AUSTRALIA  -  September 2017   

A complete and quality holiday experience! All details of the program were covered and included whilst the dining and food inclusions were excellent and included quality and local specialized foods and wine. The accommodation was good quality.

Dave & Holly, Lafayette CO - USA  -  July 2017   

We loved our time with Arrivederci Puglia Travel. They delivered everything we talked about and arranged to. It was a fantastic vacation with Arrivederci Puglia Travel!!

Jim & Sally, Bruce & Pam, Pleasanton CA - USA  -  June 2017   

Starting on June 3rd we two couples were met in Bari and taken to a wonderful seafood restaurant for a late afternoon lunch. It was all prearranged and a good thing too because the restaurant was packed with Italian families enjoying their Saturday lunch. Thus started a wonderful eight day tour of Puglia conducted by Arrivederci Puglia, a small travel firm owned and run by the siblings Antonella and Sandro Susca. Each day we were taken to visit some special place often with prearranged entrée, so that we had a unique experience. One thing which made the tour with our hosts unique was the enormous respect and affection accorded to them in all the special places we visited, whether restaurants, wineries, olive oil tasting, cheese making, etc.. These activities, which would have been nearly impossible to find and arrange on our own, were key to making the tour an out of the ordinary experience for us. It was quite clear to us that Antonella and Sandro have done their homework and relationship building extraordinarily well. We have taken many tours over a half century of international travel and cannot recall more than a handful that fell into the memorable class provided by Arrivederci Puglia.

Stefan, AUSTRIA  -  May 2017   

Privat atmosphäre. The feeling, we are all friends here. A lot of efforts.

Carol, AUSTRALIA  -  April 2017   

Absolutely excellent!! Arrivederci Puglia are knowledgeable, professional, flexible and fantastic value for money!
I get exactly the experience I wanted. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Perfect!!

Anne, Melbourne AUSTRALIA  -  October 2016   

We were very satisfied with our experience with Arrivederci Puglia Travel. Sandro and Antonella were wonderful guides who gave us an insight into their local region and culture.
The program was very rich. The Puglia region and Matera city are most interesting and distinctive.
We had a private tour with our own driver and English speaking guide, much preferable to the regular style of tour.
I will recommend this to my friends!

Jach & Andrea, Canberra AUSTRALIA  -  October 2016   

We have had an excellent experience!
You have been very attentive to our needs and to add things to our itinerary. Each day has been planned very well with plenty of variety.

Glaura, Campinas/SP BRAZIL  -  October 2016   

Per me un meraviglioso viaggio!
Non me piace grandi gruppi. Ottimi ristoranti, l’attenzione di Sandro e Antonella, perfetto!
E anche le spiegazioni. Come ho detto in portoghese: “Eu adorei! A Puglia me surpreendeu!! Sandro e Antonella voces são demais!”

Carol, Newcastle AUSTRALIA  -  September 2016   

Wonderful!! Unesco sites!! Food!! Wine!! All great!!
I would be happy to recommend to friends. Very lovely, happy staff to enjoy time visiting the most beautiful places and sharing the most wonderful food!
No worries about driving and bags – all safe and secure.
Lovely and different Hotels – all clean, different with their own character and decoration.
Thank you for a wonderful experience!!

Dianne, Newcastle AUSTRALIA  -  September 2016   

Staff exceptional! I learned a great amount about Puglia’s culture, food, economy, wineries, interesting places. Your tour exceeded expectations. Thank you!

Lindsay, Sydney AUSTRALIA  -  September 2016   

Very impressed with flexibility and responsiveness.
I feel you were very constrained by being asked to keep to someone else’s proposal. However you made sensible changes and provided an excellent tour.
Antonella’s information and commentary was knowledgeable and displayed an inspiring passion for Puglia.
Very happy with safe and comfortable driving. A considerate and pleasant young people.

Di, Harrington AUSTRALIA  -  September 2016   

Wonderful driving Mino – I felt very safe. Antonella – wonderful knowledge of the area and very accommodating of our requests.

Helen, Sydney AUSTRALIA  -  September 2016   

Excellent local knowledge and a wide variety of activities!
Antonella and Sandro really care and are passionate about the local Puglia history, culture and produce. They have researched and tested every location and every event.
We loved the culture, the history and the towns especially Matera, Alberobello, Otranto and Gallipoli.

Jenny, Melbourne AUSTRALIA  -  September 2016   

We had the wonderful experience of being part of an 8-day fully escorted journey of Puglia run by Arrivederci Puglia Travel!
Their expert guidance completely changed the understanding of our destination.  We had a glimpse into the local culture, architecture and myths surrounding the places we visited.  The off-the-beaten-track restaurant ‘feasts’ they provided us with were experiences we could not have had on our own.  They included events which were not on the itinerary and always had our best interests at heart.  
I cannot speak highly enough of the experience delivered by Antonella and Sandro and the very special trip they planned for us.  A significant benefit was the feeling of security and comfort we had travelling with local experts.
The many highlights included the beautiful Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Polignano A Mare, Matera, a cooking class with the family and the sincere care they took of us.

Amanda & Phillip, Sydney AUSTRALIA  -  August 2016   

We are extremely pleased with our tour of Puglia as prepared by Arrivederci Puglia Travel.
Antonella and Sandro were wonderful tour guides, who were very keen to share the culture, historical sites and the food experiences of the region with us.
We were made to feel very much part of their family with a particular highlight for us. Our cooking lesson in their home!
Antonella and Sandro made certain that we visited all the key places in Puglia region as well as other important features that made the Puglia area so special.
Arrivederci Puglia Travel delivered a wonderful and insightful holiday, one that we will remember fondly.
Thanks Antonella and Sandro!!

Paul & Ann , Christchurch NEW ZELAND  -  July 2016   

Very good. Your ability to listen and accommodate our wishes – excellent.
Visit to old farm and cooking focaccia and handmade pasta was fantastic!

Annette, Hofors SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

Very skilled and polite guides. There was a lot of things included in the price (we had all inclusive tour).
Very surprising and nice with the song and dance group! We are very happy to recommend this agency to others.

(Big group guided tour)

Kristina & Bo, Hofors SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

A very nice journey! Thank you for all gifts! You are very nice persons.
We have seen a lot of interesting places and eaten a lot of good food and wine.

(Big group guided tour)

Märta-Lisa, Hofors SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

Everything has been very very good! As I have problem with my leg it was so nice that we could use the minibus to make it as good as possible.

(Big group guided tour)

Eva-Lise & Ove , SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

Väldigt bra! Allt över förväntan väldigt bra service till vära deltagare som hade svårt att ta sig fram.
Eventuellt en dag till så att man hinner handla o shoppa. Svårt att ta bort något från programmet naturligtvis tar allt längre tid med en stor grupp äldre och alla toalettbesök.
Mycket god mat och dryck rolig och varierat program. Fantastiskt med annas medverkan o översättning som vi annars mäste fixa på egen hand.

(Big group guided tour)

Tommy, SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

It was very good trip! Everything was good, the only thing was the big group, many people.
Ni tog väldigt bra hänsyn till personer med handikapp tummen upp för er alla.

(Big group guided tour)

Bernt, Hofors SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

It was wonderful! All good food, the nature, the guide, the churches, the market, the wine,the olive trees, the Hotel. Good luck!
It was a good mix between town and countryside.

(Big group guided tour)

Birgitta, Hofors SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

I think it was perfect, everything. Thank you for all the gifts and experiences and kindness.
You are wonderful people. I am satisfied when I go home to Sweden.
I want to come back! Good luck! We got very good Italian food and wine!

(Big group guided tour)

Monica & Jan, Hofors SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

Reseledarna mycket bra. Tolken mycket bra. Har fått inblick i Apuliens historia och kultur.
Maten och vinet mycket bra. Hotellet var mycket bra.

(Big group guided tour)

Marthi, SWEDEN  -  June 2016   

We Allting var väldigt bra trots denna stora grupp. Fint hotell och bra ordnade utflykter.
Ni tog väldigt bra hänsyn till personer med handikapp. Jag ger tumme upp tiller.

(Big group guided tour)

Walter & Elizabeth, USA  -  May 2016   

We loved the experiences they gave to us each day. We really got to learn about the Puglia region, the history, the people and all that they have to offer.
We enjoyed the wine, the olive oil and the local food! The tastes of everything we tried were superb. Also they were so accommodating to anything we suggested.
Everything was taken care of. We never had to worry about a thing.

Lawrence, Wellington NEW ZELAND  -  May 2016   

Well organized for variety. Excellent food. Nice family business for Puglia is tops. Good guides and well informed.

Toni, Masterton NEW ZELAND  -  May 2016   

Grazie to Sandro and Antonella for making our visit to Puglia region extremely enjoyable and memorable.
All the staff and people we interacted with were wonderful. Beautiful country, so much fun with the Italian dancing group. Grazie!

Kazuko, São Paulo BRAZIL  -  May 2016   

A viagem foi muito interessante e divertida. Experimentei vários pratos italianos, muito gostosos e diferente da nossa culinária nipo-brasileria.
Foi muito válida a experiência de cozinhar e conviver com uma familia italiana, verdadeira, principalmente por ser a familia muito simpatica e receptiva.
Os passeios fazem todos muito bem escolhidos.
O tema da viagem poderia ser: sentir se em familia na Itália.

Tieko, São Paulo BRAZIL  -  May 2016   

A viagem para mim foi positiva, a experiência grandiosa, aprendi muito com a convivência diaria com Sandro e Antonella, exemplos de paciência e conhecimento da historia e do povo pugliano.
A aula de culinaria foi uma otima experiência, aprendi fazer cavatelli, ragu e tiramissu.
A professora Anita demostrou a comida e pratos tipica da Italia e da region da Puglia, soube transmitir com paciência seus conhecimento e prática.
A convivência em familia también contribuiu e mostrare a modelo da familia italiana pugliana.  

Vera, São Paulo BRAZIL  -  May 2016   

é difícil dizer do que mais gostei. Cada dia foi uma surpresa, sempre muito agradàvel. Os passeios feitos com calma, sem nunca esquecer os aspectos importantes e os detalhes.
Os restaurantes, cuidadosamente es colhidos, nos permitiram conhecer a deliciosa comida local. Os guias, competentes e muito atenciosos, nos proporcionaram uma linda viagem, que certamente guardarei com minhas lembrancas mais queridas.

Tereza, São Paulo BRAZIL  -  May 2016   

Muito boa!

Ana Paula, Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL  -  February 2016   

The whole Puglia experience was great and I’m quite sure the main reason was the highly professional yet friendly approach of Arrivederci Puglia Travel staff.
I’m quite used to travel alone and I can testify that this was one of the best.
For sure I will return and look for your services again!

Viveca, Blåhammarvägen SWEDEN  -  September 2015   

A great experience! Loved the excursions and the cooking lesson! A combination of some days at a beach and “at” a winery is fine.
Will tell everyone I know about it! Perfect size of the group. Better than I had dream of.

Greg, Sydney AUSTRALIA  -  September 2015   

My overall experience was good. I found Sandro and Antonella very helpful and professional. They are friendly and have a lot of local knowledge and connections gained from growing up and living in the region.
The special meals were excellent and the winery experience over the week was both educational and pleasant, the cooking experience was a real family affair with the friendly hospitality of a home environment.
In addition, they went out of their way in assisting and following up the airlines when my bag went missing when flying into Bari.

Linda & Joe, Arizona USA  -  September 2015   

AAH PUGLIA! - Our adventure with Arrivederci Puglia Travel was outstanding!
We had always wanted to visit the Adriatic side of Italy and found this to be a great way to visit a section of it. We wish we had scheduled more time so Sandro and Antonella could have shown us an even larger area.

Ours was the once a year wine tour. We picked the Primitivo grapes, watched the processing and, most importantly, sampled the product from day one to day six. What a change as the grape juice began to ferment. The final product at this winery is outstanding. (www.terrajovia.it).
We ate several meals outside in the courtyard of this very old winery, the meals cooked by the vintner Philipo and his sister Rina – Stellar! Once again, we had to sample his vintage wines.

In addition to the wine, this tour included so much more. Cheese tasting at the production facility, olive oil lessons and tasting, culinary delights at both bakery and candy making facilities. The Grotte di Castellana was a most wonderful surprise. We have visited most of the major caves in the U.S. This cave surpassed them all in composition and beauty.

Then, of course, there were cooking lessons by Antonella and her parents at the family Villa. We have taken cooking lessons before. These, however, made foods we will actually cook and enjoy at home, especially with the English recipe book provided!
While speaking of food – WOW! We ate many wonderful meals. One however absolutely stood out - that at the KingStone Ristorante-pizzeria in Turi. This young chef produced four unbelievably good and unique antipasto’s followed by fabulous first and seconds. Don’t miss eating here!
From the unique historic town of Matera where many biblical films have been produced to Ostuni the “white city” to the wonderful beaches and so much more. Yes, we had a great trip!

Gigi & Charly,  LUXEMBURG  -  September 2015   

Absolutely professional care by Sandro: from pickup at airport till drop off he showed us extraordinary and unique things we never would have discovered in that way without him; quality punctuality flexibility and courtesy but also very good explanations du to historical background knowledge.
The best experience to discover a wonderful part of italy - by “arrivederci puglia” – anytime again!!!

Codie,  USA  -  July 2015   

Tour arrangements made with Arriverderci Puglia were flawlessly executed, very professional, and - above all - great fun.  
Sandro and Antonella made sure we did not miss any of the high points in Puglia during our 6-day stay, and the personal attention they paid to our particular itinerary truly made us feel like "part of the family".  I highly recommend their services.

Sym & Lili,  Melbourne  AUSTRALIA  -  June 2015   

In all our many years of travelling we have never experienced what we received from Antonella and Sandro and Anita  of Arrivederci Puglia - their passion for Puglia made our eleven days unique, and introduced us to the remarkable beauty, the history and the cuisine  of this hitherto unknown to us  region of Italy.
But just as important is their truly unique treatment of their guests - caring for every need, tailoring everything so perfectly, not simply professionally which they most certainly are, but with unbelievable warmth. Accompanying us as they did, we felt that we were travelling with friends, and indeed that is what they have become.
Each day they introduced us to wonderful places, and each day without exception was a highlight.
The planning of our trip, tailored to our requirements, was superb, and carried out beyond our wildest expectations. Every moment with them was a sheer delight. They are not simply tour operators or guides but remarkable, warm and caring people able to impart their love for and great knowledge of Puglia.

Arrivederci - for sure.  We can't wait until we meet them again!

Lili and Sym 

Bob & Marie,  Danville  -  San Francisco,  CA  USA  -  May 2015   

Excellent well planned and executed program to see all major sights plus meals designed to show local food and wine specialties.

Michael & Zuzana,  Acton  -  Boston,  MA  USA  -  April 2015   

(Michael): We really enjoyed the week with you. It was obvious that you tried very hard to make our visit fun & educational. You were also very sensitive to our 'senior citizen' physical limitations, planning challenging outings that were also possible for us to achieve. I personally appreciated your gracious acceptance of my somewhat limited ability in Italian - it made it more fun for me. It is obvious to us that you love your region of Italy & want others to love it, too. We don't know if you originally planned for your mother to join us, but it was an excellent idea, since she brought a different, older, & experienced eye to the tour - she was charming. We wish you much success with your business!
Keep up the great work!!

(Zuzana): We absolutely enjoyed the week with you. You tried very hard to make our visit fun, educational, and to show us Puglia from many views. We were extremely satisfied with everything!

Jaru & Jiri,  Walnut Creek  -  San Francisco,  CA  USA  -  April 2015   

Our experience in Puglia was very delightful. You succeeded to make our visit a fun as well as educational. It is clear that you love Puglia and both of you made us to see it through your eyes, which was very rewarding. The highlight of the trip was seeing the town you grew up in and the evening with your family. We have traveled extensively in Europe and elsewhere, with tours as well as individually and the personal way you organized the tour is one of our best experiences.

Bob & Judy,  Sydney  AUSTRALIA  -  October 2014    

This was a wonderful tour where we experienced not only UNESCO world heritage sites, the ancient towns of Puglia , great local food, but also the hospitality and friendship of the tour leaders and their family. The attention to detail, punctuality and excellent accommodation added to our enjoyment of  the tour.
We will recommend the company to our friends!

Bosse & family,  Varnamo  SWEDEN  -  September 2014    

Imagine a week's stay in Apulia could contain so many highlights! Cooking lessons, visits to local food producers, cultural sites and especially the amazing views and sights from many places. And the Apulian gastronomy, wow, we will never forget this. All the time with a personal service from morning to late evening of Arrivederci Puglia, which gave us a familiar feeling where we felt like friends visiting family members. We also learned that Primitivo wines from Terra Jovia taste wonderful. THANKS, Sandro, Antonella, Anita, Fillippo, Rina and all others.
We're already waiting for to come back! 

Deanna & Fred,  Hamilton  USA  -  September 2014    

I feel as if I have not only visited Puglia, I have experienced Puglia!
All of the trips you arranged were very great we enjoyed all very much. We had such an excellent driver it was amazing how it was possible for him to navigate in the tight space.
The villa was great and everything we needed was there for our use. We cannot think of anything you could do to make the visit better. It was perfect!
We will definitely recommended your service to friends. Thank you!! 

Margit & Lars,  Arnäsvall  SWEDEN  -  September 2014    

This tour operator is very knowledgeable and wonderful to travel with. They pay much attention to details which makes the overall experience GREAT! We have enjoyed every minute of every day and feel that Puglia has a lot to offer.
Arrivederci Puglia – we will be back! 

Gianni,  Luxembourg  LUX  -  June 2014    

A great experience is not only the place you visit...a great experience is also the people you meet! Serious people with expertise, knowing what they do and who are able to provide a quality service...that's how I could resume the company and the team of ARRIVEDERCI PUGLIA! You will not only be surprised by the beauty of the places, history and food that you will discover in Apulia, but you will be even more surprised by the time investment and passion that people who love their work will provide you! I can only recommend these multitude of experiences to all people!

Sylvia  &  George,  London  UK  -  May 2014

Puglia, how could one region hold so many delights? We had no idea. The people, the food, places to visit, beaches to relax on. And so much history! Medieval Castles like Castel del Monte, the beautiful baroque town of Lecce, and quaint, original architecture everywhere that made strolling a delight. The amazing Trulli houses at Alberobello, then Matera, transporting us back to yet another age. We loved the capital, Bari, noisy and bustling with its majestic port, the opera, shops and restaurants. And Puglia’s living cathedrals, used daily by locals as well as tourists, sharing their peace and precious artefacts. So much to see and do, but also time to swim and relax on a sandy beach. Puglia, we’re already planning our return!

Helen,  San Francisco  USA  -  November 2013

I was on vacation in Puglia. It was great. I had read an article in my city newspaper, and I wanted experience firsthand. I booked my trip through Arrivederci Puglia, and I cannot help but recommend it to everyone. Utmost reliability, professionalism, but also lots of cordiality. I always travel alone, but they made me feel like I was their best friend and made me discover this wonderful land. I love the sea and swam in crystal clear waters, sunbathed on white sandy beaches, but also near rocky coves that opened up to a sea that varied from light turquoise blue to emerald green.This is a region that is rich in history and architecture, with centuries-old traditions that still continue to exist because they are part of daily life. The weather is fantastic, the food delicious, genuine and simple, accompanied by full-bodied wines with rich aromas. There are old farmhouses where you can eat and still see ancient oil mills that produce olive oil. Mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, and many other tasty cheeses, with foaccia and taralli baked in wood-burning ovens. I learned how to make exquisite panzerotti, which are a kind of turnover made of bread dough, shaped into a half moon, filled with mozzarella and tomato sauce and then fried in olive oil. I still dream about them!!! See you soon Puglia. I can’t wait to go back!!

Leila  &  Peter,  New York  USA  -  2013

We chose Arriverderci Puglia for our holiday and it was a fantastic choice. Their staff are very professional and polite and they accompanied us on all our trips making us feel like a big family. Puglia is a really wonderful region of Italy. Very pretty villages and places of interest, a beautiful sea and excellent food and wines. We discovered ancient traditions, patronal festivals and we saw how they make mozzarella cheese. We ate in old traditional farmhouses and enjoyed fresh fruit picked directly from the trees. It was a dream holiday for those of us who live in a big American city.

Rosemarie  &  Luis,  Las Vegas  USA  -  2013

Our friends advised us to book our holiday with Arriverderci Puglia. We were really delighted with them. Representatives met us at Bari airport and accompanied us for seven days. They had thought of everything: transport, locations but also much more. They took us around their region displaying their love and passion for it. They took us to visit famous places like Alberobello, with its Trulli houses, the Grottos of Castellana, the legendary Castel del Monte but also many small villages facing the sea or spread out across the countryside, which is rich in centuries-old olive trees, fruit of many kinds and vines that produce excellent quality wines. The weather was always lovely and we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves very much. Puglia is a place that we had never heard anyone speak of but now we are already thinking of next year when we will return!

Daria  &  Matt,  New York  USA  -  2013

Every time my husband and I visit Puglia, we are enthralled by the sheer beauty of the land and the warm hospitality of its people. We always book a tour with Arrivederci Puglia because we know we will enjoy a customized, attentive experience. Bravi to our tour organizers!