Welcome to Puglia…the region of the Italian Mediterranean lifestyle!

Puglia region

Tourists usually visit only the most famous Italian cities like Rome, Venice and Florence but there are so many places in Italy less known but rich in art and enchanting landscapes. One of them is Puglia: the hidden treasure of Italy

Puglia, the heel of Italy…is located in the Southern Italy.
It is fast becoming Italy’s new hot destination for people who would like to taste the Mediterranean lifestyle. Its mild climate, enchanting landscapes and the healthy Mediterranean diet are exceptionally attractive.
Nature, art, history, ancient traditions, beautiful beaches, excellent food and wine, as well as the proverbial hospitality of its people, are the qualities of Puglia!


Puglia...a beautiful land where the sun becomes wine!

Puglia is one of the top wine producer in Italy.
Mild climate, 300 sunny days a year, 800 kms of coastline from the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea, favor the production of high quality of wine grapes that become excellent wines.

Puglia has been a crossroads of peoples, each capable of leaving an indelible mark on all the region’s cultural aspects and also profoundly impacting the agricultural and winegrowing lands.

We will guide you to taste different types of Apulian wine: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Nero di Troia, Moscato di Trani… and discover the places where they are produced.

Puglia wines
Mediterranean Diet food

Puglia…a land known for its “food culture” based on the Mediterranean Diet

The humble food in Puglia, often referred to as “cucina povera” (poor cuisine) is celebrated as one of the best examples of the healthy Mediterranean Diet, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Many dishes are prepared with simple products, those of this land: durum wheat, tomatoes, vegetables, cereals, legumes and extra virgin olive oil. In the past, there were considered poor dishes, but today they are a treasure of taste and wellness, able to conquer the most sophisticated gourmand.

Apulian food is authentic and surprising because it’s still based on recipes that haven’t changed in many generations!

Puglia is one of the biggest producers of extra virgin olive oil in Italy!

The landscape of Puglia is rich in monumental olive trees probably dating back thousand years. These trees have large and grotesque trunks that resemble sculptures.
With more than 60 millions olive trees, Puglia is today the main producer of extra virgin olive oil in Italy.

How to get to Puglia by plane

Puglia is easy to reach by plane from all over Europe. 
There are two main airports in Puglia: the Karol Wojtyla Airport in Bari city (located in the Central part of the region) and the Airport of Salento in Brindisi city (in the South part). 
The airport of Bari is wider and better linked to the foreign destinations and the other Italian airports. There are many daily flights from Rome (duration flight is approximately 50 minutes) and from Milan (duration flight is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes).
There are also a bunch of low-cost flights from European hubs such as London, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Munich.