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Inspiring your Puglia tour in Southern Italy: 5 charming villages in Itria Valley 

Olive trees and vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see, prickly pears, green groves ocher soil, dry-stone walls: a unique play of colors and a feast for your eyes! Our inspiring Puglia tours in Southern Italy will lead you through the breathtaking landmarks of this rural countryside named Itria Valley, enriched with picturesque and white-washed villages. Most of them were recognized as the most charming villages in Italy and have become part of the renowned list “Borghi più belli d’Italia”.

Are you ready to discover these stunning, well-tended, Mediterranean and white jewels that are peppering Itria Valley? Let’s dive into the top 5 overwhelming villages you shouldn’t miss in our Puglia tours. 


1# Ostuni: stroll around the White City

Ostuni is also known worldwide as “the white city” (read more about Ostuni and the 5 surprising curiosities about Apulian culture), because of its white-washed glare. Every white house, masterly built in Apulian style, contributes to the dazzling halo which envelops the city. Wander through the maze of alleys and get lost in this beauty: Ostuni historic center needs to be strolled at a “slow” pace, in order to capture every breathtaking impression. Reach the imposing and beautiful Cathedral on the highest hill of the city. 

Ostuni stands namely on a gentle hill overlooking in distance the Adriatic Sea and an immense Mediterranean Natural Park “Parco delle Dune Costiere” of 1,100 hectares where you can plunge yourself in the aromatic scents of the Mediterranean scrub. 


2# Alberobello: visit the reign of “Trulli”

The heart of this city is entirely covered by “Trulli”, original dry-stone whitewashed dwellings. Coned roof and exposed stones: you can’t go wrong! Crosses, hearts and other symbols are whitewashed on the roof to identify one from another.
It’s like living in a fairy tale. Alberobello is a labyrinth of winding roads, boasting more than 1.000 “Trulli”. Rione Monti, the most ancient of the city, together with Rione Aia Piccola are the most enchanting areas of the city. Here you’ll discover Casa Pezzolla, a complex of more than 15 communicating “Trulli” constructions, that are housing a museum dedicated to this territory. Trullo Sovrano stands out in the middle of the other constructions and stages concerts and shows.

This landscape gives the city a unique and unparalleled atmosphere, which was recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1996 and awarded by the Touring Club in Italy for excellence in tourism, hospitality and the environment.

Alberobello Apulia

3# Locorotondo: wander through the circular city center

Locorotondo is considered one of the most marvelous villages in Italy: it’s a succession of cozy corners and winding streets will lead you through a stunning experience. Its peculiar form, a circular one, gave the name to this village: “rotondo” in Italian means “round”. You wander without fearing of getting lost! The magic atmosphere is given by the brightness of whitewash that covers every construction. 

Locorotondo is mainly popular for its Belvedere: from here you can admire the Apulian sweeping landscape which embraces vineyards, dry-stone walls, endless fields, rustic farmsteads scattered across the “contrade”, the different countryside areas. 

Locorotondo Puglia Italy

4# Martina Franca: admire the Baroque gem

The village of Martina Franca is a splendid testimony of Baroque and Rococò architecture
Just inside the gateway is the pretty little Piazza Roma, one side of which is dominated by the Palazzo Ducale, Martina Franca's grandest civic building. Built in 1668, this was once the palace of the Caracciolo family, the dukes who presided over the town's glory days.
You can’t miss a visit inside the Palazzo Ducale! Here you can admire beautiful rooms decorated with frescoes.

The beating heart of the village is Plebiscito Square, where you can admire the Basilica of San Martino, dating back to the 18th century. Sit here and unwind over a glass of Italian wine!

Martina Franca Puglia

5# Cisternino: discover the traditional “fornelli pugliesi”

In this marvelous jewel, you can reach and climb the central tower Torre dell’Orologio to have the best view of the whole Itria Valley. From the main square, a lot of little streets branch off: glaring white houses, blue jalousies and green flowers dried in the sun: an incredible and stunning chromatic effect! Do not forget to discover the performance of “rosticceria butchers” in the typical “fornelli pugliesi”, outdoor grill stands where you can taste the meat directly cooked in front of your eyes. 

All these villages gathered together in one amazing place: Itria Valley!

Discover them with our inspiring Puglia tours in Southern Italy!