Best tours & activities in Puglia

Amazing highlights to make the most out of your trip
We have been experiencing unprecedented challenges this year. If we would like to sum up this period we could choose the word “renewal”. Our tight relationships and our online channels have enabled us to keep in touch with our travelers and we are now ready to pave the way to a new rebirth, with new energy and commitment: especially to new breathtaking tours & experiences together!
In this article you will discover the latest news we have in store for you: read about the best tours & activities in Puglia we have designed to make the most out of your next trip with us. Here are some foretastes!

Apulian gems you can’t miss
Our new seasonal guided tours will touch villages and Apulian gems you can’t miss: from the sea to the gentle hills of the Apulian countryside through millenary & white villages, ancient Masserie (farmsteads) and traditional Trulli (cylindrical houses).

1# Valle d’Itria (Itria Valley)

Gently rolling countryside, sheep tracks, vineyards, dry-stone walls, olive trees and dozens of picturesque and ancient Masserie that are scattered across this territory mixed with tastes, scents and bright nuances. Welcome to the Itria Valley, the heart of the region! In this area, Ostuni will welcome you with the dazzling effect of its lily-white houses overlooking the Adriatic Sea. While coned roofs dot the landscape of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for housing its Trulli, cylindrical constructions, and perfect examples of Italian folk architecture.

Valle d'Itria

2# Matera

Matera lies on a scenic plateau, an hour from Bari, in Basilicata region. Are you ready to be transported to another era and lose yourself in the alleys of this millenary city? Here time seems to have stopped: explore the charm of Matera, you will be immersed in a magical and ancient world. You will walk through the old town center and the ancient districts of Sassi characterized by buildings carved out of white tuff, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. Here you will have the chance to see with your own eyes a typical house dug into the rock, testimony of this legendary city.
Discovering Matera is like experiencing a forgotten past!

Sassi di Matera

3# Salento

“Lu mare, lu sole, lu iento” (the sea, the sun and the wind): this is a typical expression used by the inhabitants to display their belonging to this area of Puglia, Salento. The high heel of Italy, Salento lies between two seas: the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Salento boasts some of the best tours & itineraries in Puglia: sandy and dream-like beaches, unspoiled nature and genuine hospitality. Otranto is a maritime village, a bridge between West and East: its fortification overhanging the sea, overlooks its wild shore. Lecce is known as the "Signora del Barocco" (the Baroque Lady) and it will charm you for its gaudy, warm-hued and elaborate architecture.


4# Bari

Enchanting the chief town of Apulia, Bari has been undergoing a true tourism renaissance in recent years. A bustling cosmopolitan port city, its streets teeming with life. Bari ancient town is definitely a must-see with its maze of alleys which crosses monuments and historical buildings: wander without hurry through these and feel the thriving sense of history as you walk through the hidden corners of the old town. Bari, with our best tours & itineraries in Puglia, can’t be missed!

Bari strada delle orecchiette

Culinary & Natural Highlights you can’t miss
Picturesque villages melt with the culinary and genuine traditions to give you the best tours & itineraries in Puglia, you will be spoilt for choice!

1# Mozzarella Experience

A fascinating journey in a local dairy farmhouse through the production stages of the real Apulian Mozzarella, a rural tradition passed down from father to son. Don’t miss out on the chance to get to know the secrets of this ancient and fresh craft!ed!

mozzarella food tour

2# Apulian Wine Tasting

Walk down the vineyards, meet the local producers and get to know winemaking processes: enter the winery and learn how grapes are processed once they are harvested. Passion, commitment and patience: here, grapes are still handpicked, row by row, grape by grape. An ancient rural practice full of charm and history.

Italy wine tours

3# Centuries old Olive Trees

Puglia has more than 60 million olive trees and it’s the leading producer of extra-virgin olive oil in Italy with around 40% of the country's production. We will stop in a charming area close to the sea where you will admire olive trees, considered real "sculptures of nature" because they are more than 1.000 years old!

Puglia olive trees