Where to Stay in Puglia

Holidays in Puglia: amazing accommodation experiences in “Trullo” and “Masseria” 

For the most curious travelers who want to break free from daily life’s routine, discover a total new culture and its traditions, standard accommodation is just plain boring. If you’re taking part into our small group tours in Puglia, you’ll be stunned at the amazing and unusual accommodation experiences that Puglia has to offer. 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a different historical time?
No other region in Italy and in the world offers you this unprecedented experience. Discover two exclusive lodging options that we personally select for our travel experiences!


The charm of sleeping in a “Trullo”

Have you ever slept under the roof of a UNESCO heritage site? 
Well, in Puglia you can do it! Spend one night in a “trullo” stone-made house and feel the charm of a new hospitality philosophy!

For the ones who are not still familiar with “trulli”, we’ll give you a short overview: “Trulli” are typical and historical dwellings, built in dry-stone and covered by coned roofs. They are easy to spot in all Itria Valley, but they are mostly concentrated in Alberobello, where they create a tiny village of more than 1,500 “trulli”! The word “trullo” comes from the Greek word “trullos” which means dome, but in the past the farmers called them “casedda”, in Apulian “small house”. 
These little constructions date back to the 17th century, and they were the typical houses of the farmers who needed to move frequently to find fertile lands but also because they were very clever. Why? In order to discover this curiosity, check our article "5 surprising curiosities about Apulian culture".

Trulli houses

After their long and unknown history, today the “trulli” are living a new tourism rebirth as part of amazing lodging experiences. They have been masterly renovated to become deluxe accommodation and boutique hotels and give their guests the possibility to live an unprecedented experience. A charming stay in a warm and cozy atmosphere, covered by the cone vault and enveloped by the rural stones and the artisan decor will leave you speechless!

Boutique Hotel in Trulli Alberobello
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“Masseria” lodging to discover the rural heart of Puglia

Have you ever slept in an ancient farmstead? 
While you’re traveling to Puglia with our small group tours, you can come across the typical “Masserie”, considered by the locals as the real heart of the rural Puglia. “Masserie” are nowadays historically restored farmsteads which have become B&Bs, restaurants and luxury hotels. 

Masserie Puglia

The word comes from “Masserizie”, this is to say household equipment and belongings, but where do they come from?
Masserie” were the center of huge land estates, surrounded by the endless crop fields, land groves, vineyards and olive trees. They developed into real little villages of landowners and farmworkers, fortified by high walls against the foreigner attacks.
This village complexes teemed with life, especially around its courtyards, and they were multifunctional and self-sufficient. They housed the animals, stored crops, and produced wine, cheese and olive oil, completely on their own.

Apulian Masserie
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This soul has remained unchanged till today: once you’re in this scenic countryside setting, you will be overwhelmed by the smell of baked bread in the morning and the aroma of Mediterranean flavors at lunch and at dinner. The “Masseria” is a unique world where you can rest, eat and discover the Apulian traditions.
During our small group tours, you will attend mozzarella workshops and delight yourself with a organic food, extra virgin olive oil, and wine tastings!

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