The best way to be introduced to Puglia

Puglia is an up and coming area to discover in Italy. While we have been to Italy many times, we realized that it may be best to engage a local Puglian firm to help us explore the area. We had a recommendation to try Arrivederci Puglia Travel and we are glad we took the recommendation

It is a family run business headed by a professional, caring brother and sister team. They not only know all the ins and outs of Puglia, they take pride in what they show you and the attention to detail needed to have you enjoy yourself. Nothing is too much to ask of them.

They planned our trip from start to finish. Along the way they are constantly checking to see if there are changes that we may want to make.

They picked good hotels, recommended restaurants, took us to some of their favorite restaurants and introduced us to Puglian wines/cheeses/extra virgin olive oils.

You must use Arrivederci Puglia Travel if you’re going to Puglia for the first time!

Danville, CA - USA

The small size of the group and personalized experience by Antonella and Sandro has made the trip special.
The intimate local knowledge by the travel then has given us insights to Puglia, which would never have been available with larger travel group.
The relaxed pace has also made the trip very enjoyable.


Amazing Tour of Puglia Region with a world-class, family operated, private tour company

Choosing Arrivederci Puglia Travel to help plan and organize a private tour to the Puglia region was one of the best Travel decisions I could have made. I read a few of the reviews on Trip Advisor and was looking for a tour company that was based in the region and could offer private custom tours of the region. 

Arrivederci Puglia tours handled everything perfectly. The brother sister duo of Sandro and Antonella make a great team. I reached out through their website with only a month or so of advance notice. I was asked my interests and I closely followed their Luxury private tour itinerary with a few minor changes. I also gave a budget for hotels and was quickly given some great boutique style hotels to choose from that would only be known if you had a local expert advising you. 

The trip included all transfers and private transportation, hotels, a guide (Antonella was very knowledgable) as well as some activities and meals. 
Honestly it was cheaper than joining a group bus tour of the region and much better. We stayed at a local Masseria (or farm house) in Fasano, a cave hotel in Matera, and a Trulli style hotel in Alberobello. All were very different and excellent choices. All of the sites were amazing and we got to add in activities like wine tasting and cheese tasting at a local farm that really made it special. 

I can't express how special this trip turned out to be and highly recommend this company. 
I also consider Sandro and Antonella to be my new friends from Italy!

Glendale, CA - USA

Very impressed with flexibility and responsiveness. 
I feel you were very constrained by being asked to keep to someone else’s proposal. However you made sensible changes and provided an excellent tour.

Antonella’s information and commentary was knowledgeable and displayed an inspiring passion for Puglia.

Very happy with safe and comfortable driving. A considerate and pleasant young people. 


Seeing the Real Italy with perfect guides

For all you Italy lovers, you haven’t seen Italy until you’ve been to the Puglia Region and have been under the care of Arrivederci Puglia!
You stay in a 250 year-old Pallazo, with all modern conveniences, yet still maintaining its antiquity.

Your guides are charming and exceptionally well-informed, your transportation is comfortable and air-conditioned; at each stop you walk in history. Your excursions each area are informed by personal friends of the Tour Guides - from wines (Primitivo), to cheeses, to pasta, to EVOO, to gelato, to a cooking class.
Lots of personal time to explore on your own.
After this tour, you have seen and experienced Italy. Arrivederci Puglia is THE best!

Pleasanton, CA - USA

Best Experience!

We wanted to see the Puglia region and booked this 8 day, seven night tour at the recommendation of one of our friends. We usually travel on our own and book private tours of certain cities that interest us.

This tour was just outstanding and we are glad that we used them to visit Puglia. They are very easy to work with and can and will customize your experience. They are very knowledgeable of the area and gave us some very unique experiences that we just wouldn't have been able to do without them.

They handled all of the transportation, accomodations and actually location tours. All 1st class.

California, USA

Beautiful Puglia....an Italian treasure!

We are leaving Puglia with an understanding of the history and an appreciation for the beauty and culture of this part of Italy. Our trip was busy but with a pace so we never felt rushed. The care taken to be sure each lunch experience was true to the region visiting was appreciated by the 5 of us.

We loved this trip and encourage anyone visiting Puglia to use Arrivederci Puglia Travel. They are a joy to spend time with and become family. Our enthusiasm for this part of Italy was so strong, we returned for a second visit with Arrivederci Puglia.

Boston, USA

We spent a wonderful week with Antonella and Sandro, exploring their delightful home province.  They shared with us their in depth knowledge and love of Puglia, they were always professional, thoughtful and courteous.

Can’t recommend Arrivederci Puglia highly enough. It’s a wonderful part of Italy, previously unknown to us, we are so happy to have visited!


We had an absolutely wonderful time in the Puglia region with our wonderful tour guides Sandro and Antonella. They have put together a great balance of places to see and learn about.

Sandro and Antonella are highly educated and knowledgeable about their country. The professionalism and attention to detail was fantastic.

We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn, taste and explore the Puglia region! 

Bend, Oregon - USA

Absolutely excellent!!
Arrivederci Puglia are knowledgeable, professional, flexible and fantastic value for money!
I get exactly the experience I wanted. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Perfect!!  


Young, professional family-owned travel company who’s passion for their Puglia culture, history and food shines through and made our trip experience so very special.

Attention to detail every day was outstanding. Lunches were extraordinary events this was a one of a kind experience and will never forget.
Thank you Arrivederci Puglia Travel and hope to return!

Reading, MA - USA

Grazie to Sandro and Antonella for making our visit to Puglia region extremely enjoyable and memorable.
All the staff and people we interacted with were wonderful. Beautiful country, so much fun with the Italian dancing group. Grazie!

Masterton – NEW ZELAND

Our experience was beyond our expectations.
Antonella’s knowledge of the history, food and wine for the area we were in was outstanding.
She made us feel like family. Lunches were a 2 hour experience. Just loved it all. 
Would do it again!

Reading, MA - USA

We loved the experiences they gave to us each day. We really got to learn about the Puglia region, the history, the people and all that they have to offer.

We enjoyed the wine, the olive oil and the local food! The tastes of everything we tried were superb. Also they were so accommodating to anything we suggested. 

Everything was taken care of. We never had to worry about a thing.

Essex, CT - USA

é difícil dizer do que mais gostei. Cada dia foi uma surpresa, sempre muito agradàvel. Os passeios feitos com calma, sem nunca esquecer os aspectos importantes e os detalhes.

Os restaurantes, cuidadosamente es colhidos, nos permitiram conhecer a deliciosa comida local. Os guias, competentes e muito atenciosos, nos proporcionaram uma linda viagem, que certamente guardarei com minhas lembrancas mais queridas.

Sau Paulo - BRAZIL

A very nice journey! Thank you for all gifts! You are very nice persons.
We have seen a lot of interesting places and eaten a lot of good food and wine.

Hofors - SWEDEN

We are extremely pleased with our tour of Puglia as prepared by Arrivederci Puglia Travel. 
Antonella and Sandro were wonderful tour guides, who were very keen to share the culture, historical sites and the food experiences of the region with us.

We were made to feel very much part of their family with a particular highlight for us. Our cooking lesson was fantastic!

Antonella and Sandro made certain that we visited all the key places in Puglia region as well as other important features that made the Puglia area so special.

Arrivederci Puglia Travel delivered a wonderful and insightful holiday, one that we will remember fondly.
Thanks Antonella and Sandro!!


Hej Antonella och Sandro (Arrivederci Puglia travel)
We are extremely pleased with our trip to Puglia (”Apuliens smak” 31/5 – 7/6 2016) and with you and your travel agency.
We are also really happy that we got to see and experience so much and that you all spoke english so we understood. In other words, we felt secure with you.
One suggestion might be to have more private time/free time to explore on your own. Maybe a day or a couple of afternoons.
The hotel was excellent.
We would gladly recommend Arriverderci Puglia Travel to other travelers.
We have not yet submitted image to PRO magazine but I have added some pictures on the website www.pro.se/hofors
Good luck in the future which we are convinced will be bright and successful
Warm greetings


Our experience in Puglia was very delightful. You succeeded to make our visit a fun as well as educational.

It is clear that you love Puglia and both of you made us to see it through your eyes, which was very rewarding. The highlight of the trip was seeing the town you grew up in and the evening with your family.

We have traveled extensively in Europe and elsewhere, with tours as well as individually and the personal way you organized the tour is one of our best experiences.

Walnut Creek - San Francisco, CA – USA  

In all our many years of travelling we have never experienced what we received from Antonella and Sandro and Anita  of Arrivederci Puglia - their passion for Puglia made our eleven days unique, and introduced us to the remarkable beauty, the history and the cuisine  of this hitherto unknown to us  region of Italy.

But just as important is their truly unique treatment of their guests - caring for every need, tailoring everything so perfectly, not simply professionally which they most certainly are, but with unbelievable warmth.  Accompanying us as they did, we felt that we were travelling with friends, and indeed that is what they have become. 

Each day they introduced us to wonderful places, and each day without exception was a highlight.

The planning of our trip, tailored to our requirements, was superb, and carried out beyond our wildest expectations.  Every moment with them was a sheer delight. They are not simply tour operators or guides but remarkable, warm and caring people able to impart their love for and great knowledge of Puglia. 

Arrivederci - for sure.  We can't wait until we meet them again!

Melbourne – AUSTRALIA  

AAH PUGLIA! - Our adventure with Arrivederci Puglia Travel was outstanding! 
We had always wanted to visit the Adriatic side of Italy and found this to be a great way to visit a section of it. We wish we had scheduled more time so Sandro and Antonella could have shown us an even larger area.

Ours was the once a year wine tour. We picked the Primitivo grapes, watched the processing and, most importantly, sampled the product from day one to day six. What a change as the grape juice began to ferment. The final product at this winery is outstanding.
We ate several meals outside in the courtyard of this very old winery, the meals cooked by the vintner Philipo and his sister Rina – Stellar! Once again, we had to sample his vintage wines.

In addition to the wine, this tour included so much more. Cheese tasting at the production facility, olive oil lessons and tasting, culinary delights at both bakery and candy making facilities. The Grotte di Castellana was a most wonderful surprise. We have visited most of the major caves in the U.S. This cave surpassed them all in composition and beauty.

Then, of course, there were cooking lessons by Antonella and her parents at the family Villa. We have taken cooking lessons before. These, however, made foods we will actually cook and enjoy at home, especially with the English recipe book provided!
While speaking of food – WOW! We ate many wonderful meals. One however absolutely stood out - that at the KingStone Ristorante-pizzeria in Turi. This young chef produced four unbelievably good and unique antipasto’s followed by fabulous first and seconds. Don’t miss eating here!
From the unique historic town of Matera where many biblical films have been produced to Ostuni the “white city” to the wonderful beaches and so much more. Yes, we had a great trip!

Arizona - USA

This tour operator is very knowledgeable and wonderful to travel with. They pay much attention to details which makes the overall experience GREAT! We have enjoyed every minute of every day and feel that Puglia has a lot to offer.
Arrivederci Puglia – we will be back! 

Arnäsvall – SWEDEN 

This was a wonderful tour where we experienced not only UNESCO world heritage sites, the ancient towns of Puglia , great local food, but also the hospitality and friendship of the tour leaders and their family. 
The attention to detail, punctuality and excellent accommodation added to our enjoyment of  the tour. 
We will recommend the company to our friends!


I feel as if I have not only visited Puglia, I have experienced Puglia!
All of the trips you arranged were very great we enjoyed all very much. We had such an excellent driver it was amazing how it was possible for him to navigate in the tight space.
The villa was great and everything we needed was there for our use. We cannot think of anything you could do to make the visit better. It was perfect!
We will definitely recommended your service to friends. Thank you!!

Hamilton - USA